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World of Warcraft – Twisting Corridors Are Now Available In Torghast

World of Warcraft players can now access Twisting Corridors in Torghast, Tower of the Damned. This is a new area within Torghast. Think of it as a new mode that comes with a new challenge. Each layer of the Twisting Corridors has 18 floors. It’s not just longer but also more difficult to complete. If you think that this is your chance to get more soul ash, we have bad news for you as you cannot get soul ash from corridors. However, don’t be disappointed because the rewards for completing eight layers will make your time and effort worth it. You will get the Corridor Creeper mount. This is not an ordinary mount. This is the mount that you can use in the Maw. You can finally traverse this zone faster and hopefully, it will help you escape the mobs that you don’t want to fight. There are other rewards for completing layers. When you complete the first two layers, you get an achievement and the Death Seeker pet. For completing four layers, you get the Helm of the Dominated toy. For six layers, you get the Spirestalker title. More rewards will be added later.


Twisting Corridors become available after you complete the main quest The Search for Baine. This quest becomes available in the second chapter of your Covenant campaign. This requirement has no catch-up mechanics. This means that you need to complete all the weekly quests, and if you skipped them, there is no way to complete more them than once per week. There are seven weekly quests so far. This means that players who are not up to date with their weekly quest will have to wait longer until they can see the Twisting Corridors for themselves. On the other hand, the rewards that you can obtain so far are vanity items so they are not that important. The mount is the only one that can help you as we all know how annoying the Maw can be. The Twisting Corridors are harder to complete so if you haven’t unlocked them yet, use this time to get some better gear. Mythic dungeons are one way to equip yourself with high ilvl gear. Don’t forget about the legendary items as well. These items can make a big difference. You will need items from the auction house to obtain your legendary. If you are in need of WoW gold, check out the GoldPiles store. We have great offers and fast deliveries!