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What types of hoists are there?

There are different types of hoist. So if you want to buy a hoist or just want to know more about it, it’s smart to first find out what types of hoists there are. The different hoists also have different uses:

Electric hoist 500 kg and electric hoist 1000 kg

There are, among other things, electric hoists. An electric hoist is available with a maximum load capacity of, for example, 500 kg, but there are electric hoists with a maximum load capacity of 1000 kg. So several different payloads are required. Of course an electric hoist 1000 kg is more expensive.

ratchet hoist

In addition to electric hoists, there are also ratchet takes. Ratchet hoists are also available for different payloads, such as for example for 250 kg, but also for, for example, 6,300 kg. Unlike an electric hoist, a ratchet hoist does not work with electricity. A ratchet hoist works with a ratchet. You see that ratchet hoists are used for loads that have to be lifted at man height. The standard lifting height is often 1.5 meters. Other lifting heights are also available.

Hand chain hoist

A hand chain hoist works with a chain. Again, different payloads are possible here. It is a more mechanical hoist, compared to electric hoist. The hoist does not use drives. You operate the hoist by hand. It is quite an easy to operate hoist and you see this hoist a lot in production companies.

More hoists

There are, of course, more hoists. But these are three very well-known hoists in the lifting industry. There are several things to keep in mind when purchasing a hoist. First of all, you have to look at what you need the hoist for and what the maximum load capacity is that you need. You also have to look at the price. Many entrepreneurs also look at the brand. The experiences may differ per brand. Well-known brands in the lifting industry are, for example, Hitachi and REMA. It is important to consult an expert for a good choice.