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Top 5 Best Wine Regions to visit in Chile

Chile is one of the most beautiful countries in the region of western South America. Alternatively known as the ‘Country of The Poets’, Chile is one of the most popular destinations for poets and people of free spirit.

 If you are going to visit Chile, you should definitely try out their wine. Here is everything you need to know about the wine regions to visit in Chile.

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Wine regions that you should visit in Chile:

Here are some of the wine regions that you should visit in Chile that you should know about:

San Antonio Valley

San Antonio Valley is one of the most beautiful wine regions that have the most potential as well. San Antonio Valley has been gathering potential for the wine industry over the past ten years or so.

  • In this valley, some of the best wines produced include Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Noirs.
  • Ever since 2002 began, this region has had an official Denominación de Origen.

Maipo Valley

Maipo Valley is best known as the ultimate destination for wine in Chile.

  • Maipo Valley has been one of the finest productions for wine ever since 1555.
  • The climate of Mapio Valley is hot and dry, which makes the red wine grapes grow extremely juicy and tangy.
  • This wine is extremely delicate and anyone who loves fine wine will never want to miss Maipo Valley.

Limarí Valley

Limarí Valley is located in the Coquimbo sub-regions of Chile. This valley is known for its hibernating winters, with its misty nights and early mornings.

  • This extra precipitation only helps in the growth of the vines and the exclusive ingredients that grow in the region.
  • If you are going to visit Chile in winters, you should definitely check out Limarí Valley and its beautiful destinations.

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Casablanca Valley

Located in 75 km northwest of Santiago, the Casablanca Valley has been exceptionally known for its fine grape and legally-defined geographical indication. Just like San Antonio, Casablanca Valley recently opened its wineries in the location.

  • Casablanca Valley has a cooler climate which makes it favorable for its rainfall. This rainfall makes the white wine that is produced in the region especially good.
  • The white wine produced by this region is extremely thick and you should definitely go and mix this with several other wines and breweries.

Elqui Valley

Elqui Valley is located in the southern tip of the Atacama Desert. Just like San Antonio Valley and Casablanca Valley, Elqui Valley also opened its wineries just recently. One of the more unique things about Elqui Valley is that the rainfall here does not even exceed 3 inches annually. This desert-like condition makes Elqui Valley not only a great option for red wine, but also for the Sauvignon Blanc that grows in this region. There are a lot of specialties in Elqui Valley that are similar to San Antonio Valley.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that this article has helped you understand everything you need to know about top 5 wine regions to visit in Chile.