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Nanoparticle research

Nanoparticles exist in natural and artificial forms. They are added to different products. For example, to make certain substances mix better. The particles vary in size from 1 to 100 nanometres. For the right application the size can be important. That is why we conduct nanoparticle testing & research at Solids Solutions. This way, we learn more about the properties of these particles and their application in industry. Solids Solitions has been involved in particle and powder technology for many years, contributing to the development of products in various industries.

BET surface analysis of nanoparticles

One of the ways we use to analyse nanoparticles is to calculate the BET surface area. A bet surface area analysis of nanoparticles is done by means of gas adsorption. In this process an inert gas is adsorbed onto the surface of the particles. The type of gas that is most suitable is chosen according to the substance under investigation. In most cases, nitrogen will work best. To carry out the measurements, different techniques and instruments are used. This is partly dependent on the information that needs to be obtained.

What else does Solids Solutions do?

Solids Solutions carries out research and can use it to give advice on product development. If you get stuck in the process, we look at what is going wrong. For example, if a substance does not want to mix properly. By determining the cause, we can offer a solution. We also share the knowledge we have acquired over the years by giving seminars and presentations. These cover various topics and can be found on the schedule on our website. Are you looking for specific information about a study? Then you can visit our knowledge centre for articles and other publications.