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Immediately no more cigarettes for sale at LidlThe supermarket chain takes place in 2018 all that ci

The supermarket chain takes place in 2018 all that cigarettes will disappear from the shelves. There is immediately no more cigarettes for sale at Lidl. The supermarket chain had already announced three years ago that it would stop selling cigarettes and tobacco in 2022, but “that process has now been completed.” That is why the tobacco products disappear from the shelves earlier, exactly on the day that ‘stoptober’ starts.

Non-smoking supermarket

Three years ago, the supermarket chain started that all 440 stores must be smoke-free by 2022. Lidl was the first major supermarket chain in the Netherlands to make the decision. “All the branches we started in recent years were already smoke-free,” explains one said. e-liquids are the best. “The phasing out in the other branches went well and this gave us the opportunity to realize our ambition to stop selling cigarettes and tobacco even earlier.”

Smoke-free generation

Lidl is also a member of the movement ‘towards a smoke-free generation’. This is an initiative of the Hartstichting, KWF and the Longfonds and aims to give children the opportunity to grow up smoke-free.


Lidl’s announcement coincides with the start of ‘Stoptober’. Like every year, the month of October is dominated by the fight against smoking for thousands of people. Starting today, they will try to quit smoking for four weeks and then stick with it.

Total Cigarette Ban

A general cigarette ban for supermarkets is also coming, the cabinet announced last year. From 2024, supermarkets in the Netherlands will no longer be allowed to sell cigarettes. And a year earlier, the sale of tobacco via the Internet will already be banned. has enough information. Smokers can only go to gas stations, specialist shops and other shops, including where magazines are sold.

20,000 deaths every year

The government wants to protect young people and smokers who have stopped smoking better against the temptation of smoking and to prevent impulse purchases. Previously, cigarettes, shag, cigars and e-cigarettes have been removed from view at supermarkets for the same reason. By smoking or secondhand smoke, if you inhale smoke from others, many people die every year. It is estimated that about 20,000 people per year.