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 When deciding how to solve a problem, first create a problem statement, which is some short but detailed sentences about your problem. From there, you can determine goals and key results, or OKRs for short, to determine what you want to achieve (that is, your goals) and how you know when to achieve it (that is, your key results). Once you figure out all of this, you should figure out how to actually achieve these goals to solve your problem. For this, you need a strategy. To find the right strategy, you must first come up with a lot of ideas about what you can do. This is called expansive thinking. Then, once you have a lot of ideas about what you can do, narrow those ideas down to what you should do. This is called reduction thinking.



business management

Car wreck or damaged car? Call buyer Michiels Stefan, Total Loss can still make money

Is your car a total loss? Is your car so worn or damaged that repair is no longer useful? At buyer Michiels Stefan, even the most damaged car or car wreck is still worth the money.

Buyers of scrap and damaged cars throughout Belgium

We are specialists in used iron and scrap, we buy end-of-life and damaged vehicles all over Belgium. We collect your damaged car or car wreck from your home and process it into scrap according to the regulations. It’s good for the environment and your wallet, because you get a fair price from us for your car wreck.

We are also happy to help you collect scrap iron and metal or sell cars, caravans and vans.

Your old iron and old metal is valuable!

Do you have old machines, metal or other scrap that you want to dispose of? Your used iron and used metal seller is worth his money!

You don’t have to take anything to the recycling center yourself, Michiels Stefan is happy to do that for you. We will visit you, collect all the scrap and give you a fair price. This saves you a lot of time and effort and also saves you money! With just one phone call you can dispose of all your old metal quickly, efficiently and cheaply.

We are a buyer of all types of passenger cars, vans and caravans. One phone call is enough to sell your car to us. As part of our good service, we will pick up the car soon. You will be amazed by our interesting prices!


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