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9 main ideas of the cult book “Rework”

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Published in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, Rework has gained immense popularity, inspiring hundreds of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. We’ve summarized 9 top ideas you should know about.

Idea 1: Find an inspiring idea

If you have a business idea that excites you, write it down, put it aside for a few days, and then come back to it. Will she inspire you as much as before? The goal is to question your passion, as it can lead you in the wrong direction and cause rash steps.

Idea 2. Define the main thing

Determine what is most important in your business and focus on that first. You can think about the details later.

Idea 3. Don’t look for investment

At first, try to do everything with your own money and on your own, do not look for investments. As you seek out opportunities in tight spaces, you learn business thinking.

Idea 4. A successful business doesn’t have to be big

If you like your small business, ignore the advice that you need to expand and attract investment. A successful business can be small.

Idea 5. The Secret to Hiring Good Employees

Ditch the formal approach when hiring employees – do not overestimate the role of resume and experience, test employees in “combat conditions”.

Idea 6. Don’t be a fan of meetings

Don’t be fooled by the importance of scheduling and meetings – more often than not, they don’t help your business in any way, they only distract your attention.

Idea 7. Marketing is a lifestyle

Think of marketing not as a department, but as a lifestyle – it includes every action of your company and your employees. Make sure all of your employees understand this.

Idea 8. Grow your audience

Grow your audience – regularly share valuable information, tell about yourself.

Idea 9. There is something that cannot be copied

Remember that any idea can be copied, so bring into your product something that cannot be copied – a part of yourself.

The main idea

Challenge stereotypes about how to create and grow a business. Nobody knows what will work and what will not, so it is worth giving up prejudice and looking for your own path.

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